The New Jersey Bakers Board Of Trade (NJBBT)

The NJBBT is dedicated to the promotion of the Baking and Pastry Arts industry in the state of New Jersey. Established in 1918, the NJBBT was originally organized to serve as an association of retail bakers. Today, we're committed to serving all who are in the business and education of baking and pastry arts.
Our commitment continues to the next generation of bakers, offering students from New Jersey that are majoring in baking and the pastry arts scholarship awards , support of the SkillsUSA and other additional industry and educational programs.
Every other year, we partner with our friends, The New York Association of Manufacturing Retail Bakers, sponsoring the Atlantic Bakery Expo (ABE), the largest Bakery, Pastry Arts Trade Exposition in the Northeast. The ABE brings together all aspects involved in the Baking/Pastry Arts industry including bakers, ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers, educational programs, packagers, distributors and much more. There is something for everyone.
Our mission is YOUR success!
Whether you are a neighborhood or supermarket baker or decorator, a wholesale baker or a food service pastry chef, NJBBT invites you to become a member. Student Memberships are available for high school, vocational/technical school and college students enrolled in any baking or pastry arts program. To become a member, click here.

Benefits of NJBBT Membership

  • •Educational Workshops

  • Scholarships

  • •Continuing Education Support

  • •Networking Opportunities

  • •Free Classified & Help Wanted Ads on our website

  • •Certification Programs

With a constantly changing market, membership helps you stay up to date with current trends, regulations, products and information in our industry.

Our mission is YOUR success!