2016 NJ SkillsUSA Championships

2016 NJ SkillsUSA Championships

NJ SkillsUSA Championships is the state-level competition for high school and post-secondary students who are enrolled in career and technical education training programs within the state.

1st place winners will qualify to represent the state of New Jersey at the National SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky the week of June 20-25, 2016.

More than 1600 competitors will compete in over 90 hands-on skill and leadership contests this year on April 16, 2016 in Somerset County.

The contest standards for the national events are available in the 2015-16 SkillsUSA Tech Standards CD package available for purchase at www.skillsusa.org/store/contests.html

State Only Events

NJ SkillsUSA also conducts several contests that are considered "state only" competitve events. These contests do not have a national level competition. Information on the "state only" events are available on this website under "State Only Contests". Direct any questions to our office at 908 526-8900 X7249. The following state only contests are being considered for this year's SkillsUSA Championships:



- Cosmetology Novice
- Cosmetoolgy Knowledge Bowl
- Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl
- Design & Build Plywood Challenge
- Custom Automotive Paining
- Finish Carpentry
- Ornamental Iron Design
- PDP Portfolio
- SkillsUSA Safety Display
- State Banner Design
- Technology Display
- Wedding Cake Decorating



New Jersey also provides State Only Special Needs Contest Opportunities in:

- Auto Maintenance
- Basic Construction
- Basic Masonry
- Commercial Bakers Aide
- Food Service
- Team Skills Demo


SkilllsUSA is a partnership of students, leaders and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student to excell. SkillsUSA is a national organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations including health occupations and for further education. SkillsUSA was formerly known as VICA (the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America).

Membership: More than 300,000 students and advisors join SkillsUSA annually, organized into more than 17,000 sections and 54 state and territorial associations. Combining alumni and lifetime membership, the total number impacted this year is more than 330,000. SkillsUSA has served more than 10.5 million members since its founding in 1965.

Mission: SkillsUSA's mission is to help its members become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. SkillsUSA is an applied method of instruction for preparing America’s high performance workers in public career and technical programs. It provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills. It emphasizes total quality at work—high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free-enterprise system and involvement in community service.

In 2013, more than 15,500 teachers and school administrators served as professional SkillsUSA members and advisors. More than 1,100 business, industry and labor sponsors actively support SkillsUSA at the national level through financial aid, in-kind contributions, and involvement of their people in SkillsUSA activities. Many more work directly with state associations and local chapters.

SkillsUSA programs include local, state and national competitions in which students demonstrate

occupational and leadership skills. At the annual national-level SkillsUSA Championships, over 5,600 students compete in 94 occupational and leadership skill areas.

SkillsUSA programs also help to establish industry standards for job skill training in the lab and classroom, and promote community service. SkillsUSA is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and is cited as a "successful model of employer-driven youth development training program" by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System is a comprehensive tool to help students document entry-level skills as defined by industry and accepted by state education policy. Developed under a W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant, the Work Force Ready System features 47 industry-driven assessments.

The Professional Development Program (PDP) teaches 84 workplace skill competencies in a series of hands-on self-paced lessons.